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Imagine facing one of the most difficult, lonely, and challenging times of your life, and finding yourself cut off from spiritual support and Christian community. This is the experience of many of our hundreds of thousands service men and women.

Sometimes our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Guardsmen, and Marines can go for weeks, months, even an entire tour of duty, without attending a worship service or hearing words of comfort from a chaplain.

To help provide spiritual nourishment, Frontline Faith distributes free MP3 players—pre-programmed with spiritual content—to military men and women throughout the world.

 Frontline Faith MP3 Player:
“Spiritual food for a warrior’s soul”

 The Beginning

“I truly believed that people in the military could attend a church service every day and had the enduring support of a chaplain,” said Cheri Lomonte, founder and director of Mary’s Touch  and co-host of Mary’s Touch Radio. “That’s how naïve I was,” she continued. When Cheri discovered the truth—that our enlisted men and women can go long periods of time without ever attending a church service or mass—she knew she had to help.

In 2009, Cheri founded The Frontline Faith Project as an outreach program of Mary’s Touch, to help address the spiritual needs of all people serving in the military. Since that time, more than 28,000 MP3 players have been distributed, free-of-charge, to our country’s warriors throughout the world. These players have more than seven hours of spiritual content with music, prayers, and more.

EWTN’s “Life on the Rock”

While brandishing a Frontline Faith MP3 player, headphones in his ears, Doug Barry, co-host of “Life on the Rock,” said, “I have here with me, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most powerful weapons the military could ever use. If you are going to go to battle, you have to put on the armor of God, but you have to listen to it as well.”

Watch the entire episode of “Life on the Rock,” with guests Cheri Lomonte and Ch Col James Evans, as they discuss the Frontline Faith Project and its impact our warriors.

Fox News

To find out more about The FRONTLINE FAITH PROJECT, click here and view a FOX News interview with Cheri Lomonte.

The Players

The Catholic player and Protestant player are currently available, and a Homefront player or CD for military families scheduled for release.

Each player has more than seven hours of content including a full worship service or mass, prayers, music and more.

“As a priest, I travel to many Camps and FOBs (Forward Operation Bases) to offer Mass. I do my best to let the Patrol Bases and FOBs have Mass within 30 days. It will be awe-inspiring to our Soldiers, Airmen, and Navy to listen to their faith (on the MP3s) when they have no possibility of attending Mass. I assure you that our military personnel derive strength from your love and prayers.

May God bless you and your ministry to our military. I find it a privilege to serve with these fine young men and women in uniform; and I will continue as long as God gives me the strength. Blessings. Once again, thank you for all you do.”

~ Fr. Simon K. Obeng
Serving with the 10th Mountain Division, Afghanistan

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about…what our troops are doing around the world…
…their families, too, deserve the nation’s gratitude.

~ Navy Admiral Mike Mullen
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Our Story

“Imagine facing one of the most difficult, lonely, and challenging times of your life and finding yourself cut off from spiritual support.”

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